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Give a man a fire and keep him warm for a day. Light a man on fire and he will be warm for rest of his life
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History of Firewalk
The first recorded acts of Fire-Walking took place as early as 2000 BC. It was commonly used by the Indo Europeans – the forefathers of the great Germanic, Celtic, Gaulish and Nordic/Viking tribes.

They used a Fire-Walk as an experience to prepare their warriors for the realities of battle. Fire-Walking prepared the mind and spirit of the warrior for the challenges of life and death. It was a Right of Passage to a soldier’s ultimate challenge of physically engaging the enemy. A Fire Walk teaches us that the real challenge is not the Fire, it is what the Fire does to us… If we can overcome what the Fire does to us, we can conquer the physical Fire. The same principle applies to other seemingly impossible challenges in our lives. [contact us]
Why Firewalking?
The Fire-Walk is an extremely powerful metaphor for Fear and Possibilities. It helps us understand a part of our minds, and how it works. It helps us to understand how our minds influence our potential in life. By increasing our potential and managing it, one can literally achieve the impossible – walk over a bed of red-hot coals without burning. Every person can influence the outcome of his or her life in a positive manner by applying a couple of elementary principles to our lives.

A Fire-Walk is preceded by a process of preparation. We engage in a discussion on a Life Model, whereby the actual walk on fire simply becomes a physical confirmation of the metaphor explained. This powerful metaphor has changed many people’s lives. It speaks for itself – if you can do this, what else can you also achieve in life that you previously thought impossible? It has done wonders for Sales Staff, Management, and even workers on grass root level. “...it is Truly a Life Changing Experience!!!” [send an enquiry]